The Mesa County JIC Team is a high functioning group of public affairs experts from Mesa County, primarily serving in Government and/or emergency response capacities. The JIC–Joint Information Center, is a formal function of Incident Command, assigned to manage the public affairs aspect of any large or in-depth incident.

While a large scale incident is likely managed by one or two (unified command) entities/agencies, the public affairs piece can not possibly be managed appropriately by a single public information officer. Hence, a JIC is formed to assist in one unified message being distributed via traditional and new age outlets.

This site will be dormant in between those large scale incidents, when it isn’t being used. However, it can be activated in a few seconds and those followers to this blog will immediately get any updates posted to this site. We encourage you to stay connected!

You can find more information on our Mesa County Communication Officers Association website, about our local PIO group and the JIC sub-group (of MCCOA).

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