15 comments on “Q and A for the Grand Mesa Mudslide #MCmudslide

  1. Can you please post the GPS coordinates of the slide area? It’s not possible to determine the exact location from pictures posted on the JIC website. Exact coordinates allow us to view online topo maps of terrain.

    • Hi Norm~ Here is the information you requested. Here are Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the Head and Toe of West Salt Creek Landslide.

      Latitude: 39° 9.884′
      Longitude: -107° 50.843′

      Latitude: 39° 12.155′
      Longitude: -107° 51.537′

      • Thanks, I used the two GPS points in Google maps terrain (topographic) view, and it seems to show that the slide originated on the north facing slope of the edge of the grand mesa, in a sort of valley or ‘bowl’, and there is a very similar valley just west of the valley where the slide happened. I will try to email screen shots of the topo views, in case you think they are worth putting up.

    • We have been and continue to work with several experts, including senior geologists, and none of them have seen any correlation between the slide and energy services activity. In fact, during our news conference on May 27, the geologist who spoke said there was no correlation. You can watch the video here. The geologist addresses the question at approximately 4min:45sec into the video.

      • Keep in mind that landslides often happen on the Grand Mesa, and that in fact, much of the Mesa was actually formed that way. What makes this a unique event is the size of the slide.

  2. I created these from the low quality video released on Microsoft Photosynth. Can I get access to better quality content. These can be released to help. I’m a local Technologist and would be happy to help. Please contact me 970-210-6626
    Part 5 – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/93d2249c-9efb-4872-895b-407eefbe974a
    Part 4 – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/609c5295-68d9-4abe-8f2a-90b390c446ac
    Part 3 – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/41220e9c-3fc5-4883-89ab-74acc6d5f53a
    Part 2 – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/b10f2ea2-03ae-4d73-9d65-e99ee8785fa9
    Part 1 – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/e88ac706-a7a9-44d8-b341-0db3d4e6a8ff

    Example of HD – http://photosynth.net/preview/view/baff32e7-606a-469a-98d0-b0b0ef3cb2fc from Glenwood Springs Adventure park.


  3. This may seem like a strange question, but picture 3&4 on the main mudslide page shows what seems to be a massive number of stripped bare tree trunks laying on top of the slide. Do the experts find that this is normal? Do the trees tend to surf on top of the sliding ground? If they do stay on top, how did the get stripped bare?

  4. Where is a good access road to view the slide area safely from the top of Grand Mesa at this time? Hoping for road names/numbers off of Hwy 62 that will lead to the north rim with view of slide area, and if said roads are suitable for SUV type vehicle. Thanks

    • Bill, there is no location from the top of Grand Mesa to view the slide. You can see it in the far distance from Hwy 330 as you go toward Vega reservoir. However, many of the closer points are on private property, so please be aware of that and don’t trespass. From Hwy 65, the slide is many miles north.

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